Birth Story Testimonials

“I love pregnancy, labor, birth; pretty much everything associated with little babies. I truly believe that there is no other experience in life that comes close to matching the magnificence of bringing a new life into this world.

This was my third pregnancy and my first unknown gender birth. I fully woke up at 3am unable to sleep thru my contractions any longer. I labored at home with contractions 5-7 minutes apart for the next 14 hours. I decided to go to the hospital around 5pm and after getting settled into my room, I labored with my husband, mother, sister, and shortly after, my doctor as well. I felt so blessed to be surrounded with so much love and positive energy, but also tired. Olivia decided to make her appearance at 11:23pm. Once I got over the shock that she was a girl, and by far my biggest baby, I couldn’t feel anything other than blessed. Especially when after holding my baby for maybe 10 minutes I looked over at my rock star husband/labor coach, only to see him sleeping in a chair way too small for his 6’3” frame.

“Jen has been there for all 3 of my births and I feel so lucky that she was. Her presence in the birthing room is unobtrusive and at the same time supportive. Anyone who has spent any time with her knows that she brings joy and peace with her everywhere she goes; and that those are two things needed in any delivery, especially a natural one.”

Seeing the birth story put together, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it is seeing the love, exhaustion, joy, struggle, excitement, anticipation and laughter, from not only myself, but from everyone that was present. Jen perfectly captured the feelings and emotions of the day and for that I will be forever grateful.

As long as I felt that day was at the time, it was just a fleeting moment in a lifetime. It was one of my best experiences, and I’m so happy that the feelings and emotions of that day were captured in more than just my mind. Thank you Jen for that very special gift.”


“June’s birth was quite possibly the most magical day of my life.
I felt such an intense presence and love with life it is hard to describe. It was a very internal experience for me, because of its intensity. Being able to see our birth day now with eyes open and from a different perspective adds such a deep dimension to my memories… my memories that are sadly beginning to fade away.
I dream of being able to connect to that same level of love everyday and funny enough I want to be back in labor again now. To me these photographs stand as a reminder of a deep connection and preserve the memories that so touched my soul.
I am so grateful to have them to share with my loved ones and to share with my sweet girl as she grows. Rita was such a wonderful energy to have at my birth. Her loving spirit, confidence and sense of humor put me at ease and added to my strength. Thank you Rita for this beautiful gift.”
– Jen

“Jen did an incredible job capturing the birth of our son, Kaemon Justice. I was hesitant to have someone in on this experience, but after looking at her work, I couldn’t resist. Jen handled herself with a sweetness and class that is hard to find. She listened to what we wanted and went above and beyond in delivering it. She captured a once in a lifetime moment for us and it is truly priceless. I can’t look at the photos without crying! ”

Jen was there to capture the first few hours after our baby was born. It allowed us to be in the moment as a new family of three, not worrying about taking any pictures or capturing a good shot to share with family. She was completely unobtrusive and it felt so natural she was there. The way she captured little things, her feet, the hospital bracelet, the weather outside, really tell the story of our sweet baby girl’s birth. We are so happy we did it.